We are very pleased with our 2018 lamb crop.
All lambs are currently under evaluation.
As they grow and mature, pictures will be updated and I will select those that will stay on the farm.
The others will be available for purchase.

Our 2018 ewes lambs are pictured on our EWE LAMB PAGE

Red Gate Farm Sales Policy:
We ask for a 25% down payment to RESERVE a sheep. The balance must be paid BEFORE the animal leaves the farm.
ON HOLD means someone has made an inquiry, but no down payment has been received, (RGF will put an animal ON HOLD for a limited time! If a deposit is not received within or at the end of the time period given, the animal will resume former status.).
RESERVED means that a deposit has been received.
SOLD means that the animal has left our farm and is no longer available. Prices for sheep do NOT include travel expenses, health certificate and/or any further testing required by you or the state that you live in… These fees are the buyer’s responsibilities. Registration is guaranteed if submitted within six months of purchase. Our sheep are 100% guaranteed. If for any reason a sheep would fail, we will refund the money or replace the animal. Lambs that are posted for sale are hand-selected and we will NOT offer any animal(s) that we would not keep for ourselves.

Red Gate Dillinger
Born 3-11-18 --- 4 Horn
Red Gate Sweet Caroline X Red Gate Maverick
Red Gate Granger
Born 3-7-18 --- 2 Horn
Sweetgrass Fleurette X Unzicker Carbrae
  Red Gate Johnny Ringo
Born 2-21-18 --- 2 Horn
Sweetgrass Ariadne X Dixieland Johnny Reb
Dixieland Jordan
Born 3-24-18 --- 2 Horn
Red Gate Georgia X Red Gate Maverick
  Red Gate Manchester
Born 3-8-18 --- 4 Horn
Red Gate Serena X 4 Horn Farm’s Malachi
  Red Gate Saratoga
Born 3-4-18 --- 2 Horn
Moose Mtn. Beauty X Sweetgrass Galliard
Red Gate Sir Warwick
Born 3-9-18 --- 2 Horn
Sweetgrass Lady Bostwick X 4 Horn Farm’s Malachi
  Red Gate Spencer
Born 3-26-18 --- 4 Horn
Red Gate Summer Breeze X Red Gate Nicodemus
  Red Gate Winchester
Born 3-1-18 --- 4 Horn
Sweetgrass Cynthia X Red Gate Maverick